Branding, Product Design

Quality and affordability are what Ekaias vision for. Rendering the idea into a design was more on to the Information Architecture. The mentors, the students and the admins along with the visitors are getting a pro-user platform. Ekaias is a personal -educational web platform. The design from its conception strictly stuck on to our vision of end-user satisfaction. Each screen defines the progressive nature of the app which makes its users, information sufficient.

What we have done.


Being the foremost thing which matters in visual design as well as the user experience, the branding of Ekaias has done with atmost attention.

Product Design

All-purpose dashboard which helps to navigate the user wherever they want in simple steps, Get a daily/weekly set of questions, Personalized audio feedbacks for each answer, Evaluator task lists which give a clear idea of completed and pending tasks are some of the strong points of the product.

Visual design with depth

Visual design with depth and functionalities in lesser clicks When the conversation with the users are on-point and the visual aesthetics merge with it inseparably, the product wide open mouths for a WOW.

Responsive screens

Responsive screens are never the shrunk desktops. The screens enable the usability wherever the user is. The analytics visible at any point of the process is quite a good advantage.