Branding, Product Design

Jigloo is the best in town for the user to park without hassle. How can we create something new out of an existing functionality? Of course with new ideas. Playing around Jigloo was fun as well as a unique experience. Challenges were many, but the unique frames and indulging experience together contributed to the making of a cool product.

Jigloo stands high due to its usability, answering each of the problems with paramount responsibility. Most important fact which creates a buzz in this product is its easy navigation.

What we have done.


The sleek and minimalistic logo is the best suiting for the new generation parking app which is precise and hassle-free. Extending the same vibe to the fonts and colors was a success in Jigloo.

Product Design

A product which serves a single functionality but enough of it is Jigloo. The app is a complete spot where the user can rely upon for a better parking experience.

User Experience Design

Screens with great experience, complementing the functionality. The signin screens are intuitive in all sense. The detailed pages and the listing pages are synonymous with the versatility and pomp.