Product Design

Resnova specializes in developing custom electronic products and special purpose machines to cater to the myriad needs of the clients. The versatility demanded by this project was immense. The client wanted a look and feel which would not follow the same old conventional style. And we worked on it, started with product research, competitor analysis, moved on to persona analysis and then prototyping and usability testing and then paced to the interface part. A thoughtful- well-made set of icons are used to give an idea of the services offered by Resnova. As they are a nationally acclaimed company for many projects of them, the look and feel were quite in place. Rather being design-driven we have opted it to be an experience-driven website for a better user engagement pattern.

What we have done.


A wordmark logo which communicates the brand identity was the requirement. A justice has been done towards the client's need. And font took the same line along with the single yet unique brand color. The website is a good example of the usage of a single color without the help of secondary and tertiary.

Product Design

The product is one of its kind. Conventional norms were to follow a typical style which was a common sight in the websites of this domain. A prestineness is maintained all through with a great set of illustration which is on point.

The simple yet

The simple yet accounting way of catering what the user needs.Resnova holds a class in its composition and the way it showcase its services and works. Not much nor less, is how the website communicates with the user.

Responsive screens

Responsive screens are never the shrunk desktops. The screens enable the usability wherever the user is. The analytics visible at any point of the process is quite a good advantage.