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Djunk is an innovative waste recycling company in India, renowned for its comprehensive waste collection, segregation, and recycling services. Recognized as a top waste management startup by Industry Outlook magazine, Djunk is committed to promoting sustainability through efficient waste management.


Product strategy
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Streamlining waste management processes for a more hassle-free experience.

The Challenge

Residents often found clearing waste themselves challenging due to busy schedules and the labor-intensive process. Coordinating with municipal services often resulted in missed pickups, leading to piled-up waste and environmental concerns. Clearing waste themselves was time-consuming and inefficient, prompting the need for a more convenient and sustainable solution. Djunk recognized these challenges and sought to provide an innovative solution through its mobile app.

The Solution

We developed a mobile app to simplify waste disposal, educate users about their environmental contributions, and enhance user engagement.

Designing for Better Outcomes: Our Process

Our design process placed paramount importance on simplicity to cater to a wide range of users, including those with limited tech experience. We focused on:

  • Streamlined User Flow: Ensured that every action, from scheduling pickups to viewing environmental insights, required minimal effort.
  • Intuitive UI: Simplified the interface to make it accessible for all age groups.
  • Clear Information Hierarchy: Prioritized essential actions, reducing cognitive load.
  • User Feedback Loop: Continuously gathered feedback to refine and simplify the user experience.

Convenient Pickup Scheduling:

We designed the flow to create convenience of scheduling pickups at users preferred time, eliminating the need for users to adjust their schedules for waste disposal.

Scheduled Weekly Pickup:

Users can enjoy the benefits of hassle-free waste management and reduced clutter by establishing recurring pickups through Djunk's application.

Live Tracking:

Users can maintain real-time awareness by tracking the movement of Djunk's collection vehicles, ensuring they remain informed and can avoid any instances of missed pickups.

Insights & Rewards

Users can gain valuable insights into their environmental contributions, including the quantified impact on resources such as trees, energy, and water through their recycling endeavors.

Accessible information for users to plan the action step

New implementations
improved product

New implementations
improved product

Created meaningful insights for users

28.4 %

increase in user engagement through weekly pickup scheduling

46 %

reduction in customer support inquiries due to live tracking

63 %

boost in user satisfaction with environmental insights

The Impact


Djunk's mobile app has revolutionized waste management, making recycling more accessible and impactful, while enhancing user engagement and environmental awareness.

  • Streamlined user interactions and navigation.
  • Improved user accessibility, even for individuals with limited tech experience.
  • Increased user retention and engagement with the app.
  • Enhanced environmental awareness and positive user feedback

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