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Root embodies a robust web3 solution, uniting portfolios, social connections, NFTs, and wallets into a singular, user-friendly hub. This versatile tool caters to artists, collectors, and enthusiasts eager to amplify their digital assets and personal brand globally. Root aspires to redefine the web3 landscape, empowering users to seamlessly share, showcase, and monetize their creative work while delivering an intuitive and captivating user experience.


Product strategy
UI/UX design
User Research


New implementations improved product quality and time to market while meeting real-time.

The Challenge

Currently, there are various web3 services available for users to showcase their digital assets and personal identity. However, many of these services have limitations in terms of the types of assets they support and lack the necessary customization and design features for users to express themselves fully. Additionally, some web3 products can be difficult to use, which may hinder the overall user experience and prevent users from fully utilizing the platform's capabilities.


Crazydes is dedicated to delivering exceptional user experiences, and ROOT is no exception. Through rigorous user research, we've delved deep into the space, gaining invaluable insights to inform the creation of ROOT's platform.

In-Depth User Research

Conducted surveys, interviews, and usability tests: We engaged in extensive primary research to intimately understand the needs and pain points of our users. Surveys provided broad insights, interviews added qualitative depth, and usability tests unveiled real-world challenges.

Guided User Flows

Designed intuitive user journeys: ROOT's user flows were meticulously designed to guide users seamlessly through portfolios, social links, NFTs, and wallets. These journeys prioritize ease of navigation and user satisfaction.

Customisation Options

Collaborated with users for tailored features: Involving users in the design process empowered them to influence the customisation features. Their input was instrumental in ensuring that ROOT's customisation options aligned precisely with their branding and aesthetics.

Comprehensive Secondary Research

Focused on web3-specific optimisations: Recognising the distinctive challenges and opportunities presented by web3 products, our design prioritised solutions tailored to the web3 context. This approach ensured that ROOT was not only user-friendly but optimised for the unique demands of the digital asset space.

New implementations improved product

New implementations
improved product

New implementations
improved product

New implementations improved product

100 %

Improvement in the approach compared to other players

92 %

Reduced network downtime with more successful outcomes

100 %

Improved application and device quality and performance

The Impact


Elevating User Experience for ROOT

  • Boosted user engagement and satisfaction.
  • Enhanced user retention and platform utilization.
  • Established ROOT as a prominent player in web3 space.
  • Increased brand trust and recognition.

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